KISS Lothorio Quite Possibly Engaged

Hard to believe, but KISS bassist Gene Simmons may actually settle down and marry his long-time steady, Shannon Tweed. Reports from the Daily Mail are saying that the 61-year old rocker is finally ready to wed his girlfriend and mother of his two children after a 28 year relationship!

The proposal was filmed for the final episode of “Family Jewels,” the reality television series that follows his antics. This guy, who has claimed to have hooked up with at least 4,600 women, actually got down on a bended knee to ask the former Playboy playmate to get hitched. Whether publicity stunt to generate interest for next season or sincere gesture of commitment, we certainly hope they tie they do tie the knot – nothing quite like a platform booted, kabuki makeup wearing groom!

If you’re a huge fan of the band, why not have a KISS inspired wedding for yourself – or at least a wild bachelor party where you rock and roll all night (and party every day)! There will be nothing quite as memorable as having the best man and groomsmen dress up as the other characters worn by band members such as the Starchild, the Spaceman, the Catman or the Fox and perform to the karaoke machine – this will be great for blackmailing videos!

Even if you’re not going to get this KISS-crazy, rocker-inspired groomsmen gifts will still make your bachelor party rock. If your buddies are actually musicians, our personalized guitar pick makes a great choice in groomsmen gifts that he can use at his next gig – with every riff, he’ll think of you! A personalized harmonicawill also hit a high note in best man giftsthose talented wedding attendants. Finally, nothing says rock-and-roll more than a skull-and-crossbones and a pair of edgy engraved cufflinks bearing this design will toughen up the dress shirts worn by your groomsmen.