Palin Baby Daddy Making It Legit

Redemption and forgiveness, those are good old-fashioned family values -- values you would expect from a sound and solid Marrying Man of the Month. Apparently Bristol Palin, daughter of past VP candidate Sarah Palin, is applying these moirés of morality by taking back her baby-daddy, Levi Johnston after they'd been separated since the birth of their baby. You heard it here first (okay, maybe not first), but Levi is still our Marrying Man of the Month!

Apparently, the newly-happy couple had been keeping the news of an engagement from the ex-Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, but decided recently to give her the scoop via the phone. Most of America knows that since the birth of her grandchild, Sarah Palin as mocked Levi for a number of foolish endeavors - posing for Playgirl Magazine being the most obvious. However, Bristol reports to US Weekly that she thinks it is just a matter of time before her mother will "jump on board."

Romance blossomed again as the youngsters took 18-month-old Tripp out for a stroll about three months ago. Despite their previous indiscretions, the soon-to-be-married kids have announced that they are abstaining from sex until after the wedding ceremony. The big day is allegedly going down in about 6 weeks or less! Bristol is sporting a little sparkler on her hand and Levi has had her name tattooed around his ring finger - now that's a sign of lasting love.

Sure to be one of the biggest social events of the year in Wasilla, we wonder how hard it will be to score an invitation. Wondering what to get the couple for a gift for the bride or a gift for the groom? They may not be wanting for much since it is reported that Bristol can command $15,000 and more for a speaking engagement (on teenage pregnancy, we assume) and the two are rumored to be shopping for a reality television show.