When Beer Drinking Really Bites and Groomsmen Gifts to Help

When the weather warms up, the great outdoors becomes a popular wedding reception venue for new couples. From feeling the sand under your toes to hearing the breeze lightly waft past your ears, there's nothing like celebrating with hundreds of your closest friends, family - and mosquitoes! Those pesky little insects that literally multiply exponentially during the summer months don't mind and are even giddily lead by their appetites to crash your wedding. The bad news for you, especially if you and the groomsmen are beer-lovers, is that mosquitoes are scientifically proven to be more attracted to people who've been drinking some suds.

Apparently, to mosquitoes, the body odor of a beer drinker is just much more tantalizing than that scent of a tee-totaller. Or, perhaps they're looking to catch their own buzz by slurping alcohol infused blood! So what's a guy to do about this nagging, biting problem which could put a damper on the festivities? First of all, encourage your guests to wear light colored clothing; mosquitoes seem to prefer dark colors because the trap in body heat - really all the guys need to do is take off their tuxedo jackets once the party starts. Second, ditch the dirty socks. Studies have also shown that these nasty insects also like smelly socks (along with perfume, soaps smells and other strong aromas). Perhaps you could treat the guys to a nice pair of clean pair of socks as one of your groomsmen gifts or treat them to a grooming kit and instruct them to use it before they show up! And lastly, you can switch out the beer for some other equally refreshing libation like mugs of ice-cold water or sweet ice tea (yeah, right). Or, here's another way to look at the mosquito vs. beer predicament - the more beer you drink, the less you care about being bitten, so no worries (until the morning)!