It would be strange not to have your best friend at your wedding. If he's not at your side up at that alter, there had better be a damn good reason as to why not (and complaining about not getting enough groomsman gifts is not a good excuse). But what happens when your best friend is man's best friend? What happens when your choice for best man happens to be your bull dog? You're in luck! Having your pet at your wedding is not as wacky as your fiancee claims, even though some prim mothers-in-law might put up a fuss. If Adam Sandler did it with his two dogs, why not you? There are problems. Introducing a four-legged friend into the festivities is introducing a wild-card. It is the equivalent to inviting a very forgetful guest who doesn't speak English, has no concept of social customs, and is very easily distracted. And who walks on four legs. In addition, I'm not sure your Chocolate Lab is going to appreciate a set of engraved cuff links as much as your other groomsmen. Don't worry, Groomstand is here to help.

What to Watch For When Your Wedding Goes to the Dogs

Make sure there is a place in your wedding for your type of pet. You love your horse very much, but is it really feasible to have a pony promenading down the aisle? Having an out-of-the-box wedding can be cool, but certain animals are more socially acceptable than others (which is why dogs are the most popular four-legged wedding guests). Cats, boa constrictors, birds, ferrets, hamsters. These animals can all make great pets, but may not be the ideal members of your wedding part. Is he ready for the spotlight? Unless your pet is a trained service animal, large groups of people, flashing cameras, and the instructions to not eat the rings might be overwhelming. There are going to be some pretty peeved attendees if there is a dog jumping up and ruining their formal wear. As Groomstand has advised before, be ready to accept that your pooch just might not be up to the job. Check to make sure the important parties are okay with your pet's presence. That means knowing ahead of time if the venue, the photographer, the justice-of-the peace, and your guests are going to be comfortable. If your flower girl is terrified of Dobermans, or one of your groomsmen is severely allergic to cat hair, you might want to reconsider. I don't think there are enough groomsmen gifts in the world to make up for puffy red eyes in all of your wedding party pictures. Having a backup plan means thinking of all the things that could go wrong with your pet. Think of scenarios where pet mishaps might pop up, and figure out fast fixes. Consuming the rings is only one possible problem. What about barking during vows? Chewing on your bride's train? Burying all the groomsmen gifts? Defecating on the aisle? Practicing with your pet is a given, but make sure you know what to do when the big day isn't as smooth as the dress rehearsal.

The Perks of a Pet-Filled Wedding

In general, people love pets at a wedding. It makes for a unique experience, and the photo opportunities are priceless. Besides, it's a great excuse to dress up your dog in ridiculous wedding garb without being that guy.