Nothing says, “I'm getting married,” like a good old wedding riot. Good thing Brandon Backe didn't get a baseball bat as his groomsmen gift. Houston Astros pitcher Brandon Backe was among 10 people arrested during a wedding day ruckus in Galveston, Texas. The bride's father and brother were also detained. One person was sent to the hospital and police tazed one guest. The "riot" broke out after the reception at a bar in the St. Luis Hotel. This isn't your typical wedding reception melee. Not only was a famous baseball player arrested, police got physical as they took on the wedding guests, which prompted internal affairs to launch an investigation. Many witnesses say that the blue meanies used excessive force. According to the article:
"One officer said he hit Backe twice in the face before handcuffing him. Both the officer and Backe sustained minor injuries during the fight."
Backe was charged with interfering with a police officer and resisting arrest. Both charges are misdemeanors. He was released on $1,500 bond. We suspect the beat down would have been worse if the groom gave his attendants baseball bats as groomsmen gifts. Seriously, what about weddings bring out the worst in people? Is it the endlessly flowing booze or is there something in the cake? Read the full article here. Don't forget about those groomsmen gifts or you'll have to face the bride's wrath. Hopefully, she's a little more forgiving than the police at this wedding day beat down. GroomStand rule: never fist fight in a tuxedo. Not only will you probably have to buy it, fighting in a tux is only classy for guys like James Bond. Shop GroomStand for groomsmen gifts, gifts for the bride, and other wedding-day accessories.