It's true - some of your boys just seem to have everything they need already. The sportsmen already have their paraphernalia, the cigar aficionados have their humidors, the executives have perfectly fine briefcases. If you're at your wit's end trying to find the perfect groomsmen gifts, look here for some quirky, less-conventional gifts. They're sure not to have all of these, at least.

Even if it's been years since your last college road trip, your groomsmen will appreciate the reminder with classic leather map cases as groomsmen gifts. If they'd still rather see the world from a rolled-down car window, and trust Rand McNally over anything, then this is the right gift for your boys. Like all the best groomsmen gifts, it's available personalized, and it's perfectly sized to fit a standard atlas.

Do your groomsmen have more on their plates than the average guy? Help them feel organized and in charge with personalized file folders. Far more handsome than standard file folders, your groomsmen may be high-powered executives, but they probably don't have these! These file folders are businessmen-friendly groomsmen gifts, whether he has his own business or just a home office he'd like to keep better organized.

Want to give something even more personal? A man can never have too many pictures of his friends, so give him one in the finest frame money can buy. This leather and pewter picture frame is the perfect addition to his home or office. It can be personalized with his initials or with a date. Try filling it with a photograph of your groomsman, yourself, and your fianc - with groomsmen gifts like these, your boys will always be reminded of the important place they hold in your life.

Finally, if you have a sense of humor - and your groomsmen really do have everything - give them the very finest in handheld insect elimination devices. No matter how much of a gadget nut or quirky collector your groomsman might be, we bet he doesn't have a personalized flyswatter. Made a fine Italian leather and available customized with your groomsman's initials, giving these flyswatters as groomsmen gifts practically guarantees that you'll be giving them something they don't already have, and they'll remember it for years!