Destination weddings mean a few things to most people: high expense, beaches (hopefully), vacation days from work, but most annoying and usually last-minute of all, packing. Somehow packing becomes a huge deal for most guys, something to put off until it's down to the wire and you're suddenly wondering where exactly you put your tie and if maybe you should have gotten your tux pressed beforehand. If you're going through it, chances are your groomsmen are too. While you can't stand over their shoulders and make sure they remember to pack the important things - tux, flask, sunscreen - you can at least make sure they have something to put their stuff in with groomsmen gifts of leather toiletry bags.

Since clear plastic bags for carrying things went out around the time wrapping presents in the comics pages stopped being an option, some guys might be wondering what the alternative is. It's pretty simple, really. Rather than stuffing shaving kits and mini shampoo bottles into the overstressed side pocket of a duffel bag, gather it all together in a small toiletry bag so they can get to it easily without rummaging around in their suitcase for a toothbrush. And like with some of the greatest things in life you need to own, toiletry bags are best done in leather. Leather toiletry bags are classy enough that your groomsmen may have to worry about girlfriends co-opting these groomsmen gifts for makeup bags, but it's cool - you can get these personalized for each of your groomsmen, so they won't get lost or taken by bitter exes looking for their fifty percent of the post-breakup property.

When you're giving leather toiletry bags as groomsmen gifts, you don't have to worry about being overwhelmed by an excess of choices. Your options are simple: either a small basic toiletry bag, big enough for grooming necessities like the toothbrush, comb, and shaving kit, or a hanging toiletry bag for guys who carry a little more for their daily routine. For timelessly classy groomsmen gifts for guys who don't need much to get ready in the morning, go with the Personalized Deluxe Toiletry Bag made of top-grain cowhide. It comes in black or tan, so if you know what color luggage your guys carry, you could go the extra mile and get them groomsmen gifts to match. Either way they'll feel good about carrying these bags, as each has a waterproof lining just in case and an interior pocket so they can transport the smaller things without needing to hunt through an overstuffed duffle.

For the guys who need to make sure they always have their favorite hair gel and most elaborate shaving set, try groomsmen gifts of the Personalized Hanging Toiletry Bag. He won't have to clutter up the counter with it, since it'll hang right on the back of the bathroom door, and the mesh pockets mean he can see exactly what he's reaching for. If his grooming needs are more specific than the tiny bottles of hotel shampoo and conditioner, he can just use the three included travel-size bottles and fill them up with whatever it is he uses. It folds down, too, so it won't take up a lot of extra room, and it comes in different colors so if he's not much into basic black, you can give him one of these in tan or ocean blue or even burgundy. Hey, these guys are your groomsmen - whatever makes them happy, right?

Finally, if your groomsmen just aren't the naturally well-groomed type, and you're shaking your head at the thought of them even owning enough toiletries to require a bag, spring for groomsmen gifts of the Ultimate Groomsman Traveling Bag. When you give those as groomsmen gifts, you can guarantee that they have no excuse not to show up to the ceremony with their shoes shined and nails filed down to a slightly more presentable state. At the very least, they might get some use out of the included flask.