by Matt Singer

The most important thing is that groomsmen gifts convey your thanks to these fine gentlemen for helping to make your wedding day wonderful. Deciding what represents these sentiments best is the issue. Like most of the other decisions you face in planning the wedding you have to choose what works for you. Whatever path you take here are a few tips to help you on your way.

In order to be fashionable, your groom's party will probably be dressing somewhat the same. It looks best when you match. One way that you might help in these matters is to buy your guys matching ties. You can pick out matching tie and cummerbund sets (or just ties if tuxedos are not involved) from your local formal wear shop or even have them made just for the occasion. Look for a local tailor or manufacturer with experience in making ties and please consult your bride on the color scheme. For a little more flair, you could even buy each man a different set, that way they can wear it!

Photographs will help you to remember your wedding day for years to come. Your groomsmen will also want to remember and you can help them. Small albums, folios and frames filled with pictures from the extravaganza are a great gift idea. You can also stamp or engrave them with your names, the date and even the initials or name of the recipient. Some photographers offer bridal party gifts as part of their packages, or you can pick among the best snapshots from family and friends and put them together yourself. At the very least, your best buddies can have something to stare at as they bemoan losing you to wedded bliss.

A small token of your esteem can also serve as a long-term reminder of the excitement and emotion of your nuptials. If you do go with one small gift, make it special. Some suggestions are, a classic pocket knife, stylish barware, sleek golf gear if your groomsmen are golf fanatics or fine cigar accessories for those pure aficionados. There are hundreds of gift ideas, just make sure you allow enough time to pick out the perfect gift for each groomsmen.

If you can come up with something new and special do it up. For groomsmen gifts with permanency, one Georgia groom bought commemorative bricks in Atlanta's Centennial Park for his party. Another idea, give the boys gift certificates for a massage to help them relax after the wedding. Any gift you put thought into will go a long way in thanking your groomsmen for the time, effort and expense they put into your wedding. And remember, try to set a high standard, you're probably going to be in their weddings in the not to distant future.