When you're gathering groomsmen, chances are you aren't choosing from just one pool of acquaintances. When you're mining your resources of coworkers, old friends, or close relatives, you're bound to have more difficulty shopping for groomsmen gifts than if you'd recruited, say, all four of your regular golfing buddies. You might want to rack your brain thinking of individual groomsmen gifts for all of them, but why go to too much trouble when you can easily get them all gifts on a theme?

Rather than going out of your mind trying to remember each random hobby they've mentioned over the years in order to find the best groomsmen gifts, go for something simple, something that'll most likely resonate with them: their favorite sport. Most guys have a favorite, whether they play it or just watch it, and you probably already know what it is. If not, ask! They'll just think you're making conversation, anyway.

It's easy from there: simply choose the sport, then find the groomsmen gifts:

Baseball: Whether he plays or just displays, an Engraved Baseball Bat is just what he needs. This beauty comes customized with the name of the bride and groom and the wedding date in an oval design with your groomsman's name in the middle of the bat, so not only is it useful on the lot, it looks good mounted on the wall, too! It's rare to find groomsmen gifts that work as reminders, memories, and weapons off the field. Just kidding - they should probably only be used as weapons when you're on the diamond.

Football: Let him show his love of the game every time he throws down another bet with a Personalized NFL Emblem Money Clip, and he'll be showing off his devotion to the sport everywhere from the bar to the corner store. Does he live and die by the final score and never miss a game - as long as it's from the safety of his couch? For the armchair football fanatic, make sure his beer stays cold with a Personalized NFL Can Holder. With personalized groomsmen gifts, your guys will get something a little more special than average, which is great for above average friends.

Golf: Hey, they can always use golf balls - get your groomsmen gifts they can use with a pack of Personalized Golf Balls. There will never be any doubt who these balls belong to! They can be customized with up to three lines of text, so go with his name, or go a little more in detail. If you can't say thank you out loud, saying it with golf balls! It's unorthodox, sure, but it's not like you're going to get the guy flowers. If he already has all the clubs, tees, and balls he needs, go for golf ball coasters instead.