If you've been visiting this site for any significant amount of time, you probably already have enough information on the best groomsmen gifts to give to your groomsmen. You've been through the exhaustive list of what groomsmen gifts to get for virtually every type of guy you might know, but if you're still not able to narrow down your choices, here, at least, are ten groomsmen gifts you should definitely never give:

  1. Anything that isn't somehow personalized. What, you've known the guy for years and you can't manage to get him nice monogrammed groomsmen gifts? Show a guy some love!

  2. A picture of you and the new wife. It doesn't matter how nice the frame is. No guy wants to live in a hall of portraits.

  3. Groomsmen gifts he can't use. You're a guy. Don't give knick-knacks.

  4. Gifts that you picked up at the last minute. Wedding planning is a lot, we know, but chances are your duties don't extend too far past nodding yes or no to color scheme choices, buying groomsmen gifts, and not getting too rowdy with any strippers at the bachelor party. Order your groomsmen gifts online and get it out of the way early if you have to, just get it done.

  5. Anything misspelled. Double and triple check your personalization before you send it through, because no guy wants to hang a sign in his living room that reads "Mrak's Pub."

  6. Really Practical Gifts. Trouser socks and undershirts are best left to a guy's personal taste. Get him something he won't get himself, like a sweet pocketknife.

  7. Gift cards. We don't care if you're completely stumped. Think of something better.

  8. A drink at the bachelor party. Buying a round for the guys does not equal buying groomsmen gifts for them.

  9. Impersonal groomsmen gifts you got for everyone because you wanted the group discount. This can work fine if you and your groomsmen are all golfing buddies and you're buying putters, but don't give a teetotaler friend a flask just because you got a few cents off by ordering five.

  10. No groomsmen gifts at all. The average groomsman spends almost a thousand dollars to be a part of a wedding. Spring for groomsmen gifts, man. It's the least you can do in thanks.