Whether you host a movie marathon or give DVDs out as groomsmen gifts, these classic groomsmen movies are sure to get your guys in the celebratory mood!

Wedding Crashers. Ok, so the men in this movie aren't technically groomsmen, but they don't let that bother them, and neither should you! This is the perfect movie to get your men excited about the bright side of being a groomsman (other than sweet groomsmen gifts) - duty-free food, fun dancing and a bevy of fair bridesmaids to charm. Copies of this DVD make great groomsmen gifts, and for a nice touch, throw in some gourmet popcorn.

The Groomsmen. From garage band revivals to stolen baseball card rivalries, this Ed Burns movie is a bittersweet story of a bachelor's getaway in the Bronx. As the plot thickens, the movie goes beyond trivial talk of baseball and groomsmen gifts as each man re-evaluates his life. By the end, the groomsmen's collective Peter Pan syndrome proves to be the balm the groom needs to overcome his cold feet and make an honest woman out of his pregnant fianc, played by Britney Murphy.

The Wood. Groomsmen gifts of this film are sure to inspire - this movie is about a groom named Roland (Taye Diggs) who disappears on his wedding day three hours before the ceremony. His groomsmen find him drunk with a bad case of cold feet. Acting as true MVP wedding party members, they drive him around, dry him out, and pick up their dry cleaned suits, all while trying to assuage their friend's doubts about tying the knot. Relying on flashbacks to propel them into the future, this movie is a warm trip down memory lane, set against the suspense of getting the groom to the church on time. We won't tell you how it ends, but let's just say these guys deserve some first-rate groomsmen gifts.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. In every groomsmen's ultimate dream, the groomsmen in this movie all catch the romantic spirit and get a mate of their own after being inspired by their brother's wedding. As long as you don't look too deeply into the bridal kidnapping aspect, this is a fun movie full of barn-raising and great dance scenes. The film culminates in one the most giant shotgun wedding ever. With these kind of occupational perks, who needs groomsmen gifts?

The Best Man. If ever there were a reason to return the groomsmen gifts, you'll find it here. This boisterous groomsmen film chronicles a groom's worst fear-no spoilers, we'll leave it at that! From a tense poker game to an equally wild stripper bachelor party, this movie perfectly captures the combination of camaraderie and tensions that can surface when old friends get together to celebrate a buddy's wedding - just make sure your groomsmen gifts come with a return policy.