You have to give your boys props for sticking with you all these years. Unless you're somehow getting married with a wedding party you barely know, your selection of groomsmen probably runs the gamut from work friends to college buddies to your best friend since you were six. So why shouldn't your groomsmen gifts reflect that? Show your appreciation for their seniority with groomsmen gifts that recognize their tenure in your life with these helpful selections.

Less Than A Year: Even if one of your groomsmen is a fairly recent acquaintance - a friend from work, or one of your bride's brothers or other male relatives - that doesn't mean you should skimp on groomsmen gifts. They may be more difficult to shop for than the groomsman you've lived next door to since junior high, but it's still not impossible! The key is to get something simple that's based on any of his favorite hobbies. Hopefully you know him well enough to at least know his favorite sport, so take your pick of the best groomsmen gifts for golfers or baseball fans. If he's not a fan of the field, just get the guy something sharp.

Since College: This one's easy. If you met a few of your groomsmen in college, you probably all had one thing in common - beer. Okay, and maybe some classes or even your major or your fraternity, but probably beer, too. Celebrate that which brought and kept you together with groomsmen gifts to carry their favorite brews in. You can even make it more personal with can holder groomsmen gifts for the football fan, the class act, or a whole set for the entertainer.

Since High School: You met in that unfortunate stage of acne and teenage melodrama, so show you're grown-up with classy groomsmen gifts that say thanks for guiding you through the awkward years. Try cufflinks and a Personalized Leather Executive Travel and Grooming Kit so they'll look the part on your wedding day, or if your underage activities were a little heavier on the partying than you'll ever tell your mom, go with grown-up groomsmen gifts of the Engraved Textured Medallion Flask.

Since Grade School: If he's stuck with you for 15+ years now, you really need to go all out with your groomsmen gifts. For this guy, nothing less than the No. 1 Leather Saddlebag Briefcase will do. Whether he's far along enough in his career to deserve truly amazing executive groomsmen gifts like this or you just know for sure that soon he will be, show your faith in your buddy with groomsmen gifts that will serve him well through the years, just like he's been your friend for a good decade. After all, this groomsman has shown his longevity - shouldn't your groomsmen gifts to him do the same?