Sure you've got a pack of buddies tight enough to rival the gang on Entourage, but when it comes down to it, there's always that one friend that stands out from the pack, the Goose to your Maverick, the Costanza to your Jerry, the Joey to your Chandler.

For that special fella who's kept your darkest secrets, supported you on your craziest stunts, and kept your spirits up in the hard times, a special gift is in order. Despite the sea of great groomsmen gifts out there, you need to choose the one that stands out just a little from the rest-just like your best pal. No pressure, though...

One great way to do this is to choose your groomsmen gifts first, and then choose a slightly embellished version for your best man. For example, you could get standard silver cufflinks for your posse, and then get the oval style for your best man. The silver square cufflinks are a solid choice for your favorite fellas, engravable with a single initial. The polished oval pair on the other hand, is just a touch more special, allowing for three initials to be engraved.

Another option is to settle on a single item for the groomsmen gifts and then get your best man a gift set version. For example, you could choose cherry wood cigar boxes for groomsmen gifts, and then spring for the leather flask and cigar gift set for your best man.

The cigar boxes make great groomsmen gifts because they look elegant in the office or on the dresser, and can really be used to hold anything. But the leather flask and cigar gift set supersedes average groomsmen gifts with its high-class leather flask and swanky cigar holder. This best man gift will truly show your main man how much he means to you.

On the other hand, a best man's gift does not even necessarily have to be more expensive than the rest of the groomsmen gifts to be special. Sometimes just a unique color or style is a good way to signify to your best buddy how tight you two are. For example, if you've got a bunch of sports nuts in your wedding party, these personalized baseball bats make great groomsmen gifts. This standard MLB bat would be a cool choice for groomsmen gifts, while the fancy black and mahogany bat may be a better choice for your best man's gift.

If your pals aren't the sports types, but more world travelers, there are some great gift options here as well. For your groomsmen gifts, a nice leather passport holder makes a thoughtful and practical present. Next time you and your buddies fly to Cabo, you won't have to be humiliated when your friend produces his mangled passport to the flight attendant's icy glare. For your best man gift however, nothing but the deluxe leather travel wallet will do. With room for you passport, a slash pocket for airline tickets, slots to hold four credit cards, and two generous pockets for international currency and traveler's checks, your buddy will be prepared for last-minute business travel or an impromptu bachelor party reunion. Personalize it with his initials to protect against pick-pockets... or other groomsmen with sticky fingers.

For a final option, consider giving cool leather and pewter 4 X 6 picture frames with candid wedding shots as groomsmen gifts. An unforgettable bachelor party pic or a formal wedding group shot are both fine choices. For your best man gift, splurge for the 5 x7 and make it a shot of just the two of you, either from the wedding or a sentimental shot from your childhood. This idea may sound cheesy, but the truth is guys love awesome pictures of themselves. But unless they have girlfriends or wives, most men's pictures end up shoved in a drawer or sandwiched on the fridge beneath a giant margarita magnet. Framed pictures in sturdy frames make for groomsmen gifts that won't accidentally land in the trash or get lost in the moving shuffle.

Last but not least, if you do choose to get an exceptional gift for your best man, make sure to show some sensitivity. Give the groomsmen gifts at a boisterous boys' night out, and then call your best man aside to give him his gift in private. This will add to the sentiment of the gesture for your best pal, while avoiding any green-eyed groomsmen. Happy shopping!