Football Star Scores Touchdown with Cheerleader Bride

Personalized jerseys as groomsmen gifts anyone? When the love of the game meets the love of your life, a proposal like this results: after coming into the Fiesta Bowl as the running back of the underdog Boise State Broncos, you score two points that win your team the game in the final minutes, clinching an undefeated season, and then you propose to your cheerleader girlfriend right there on national television.

If you're Ian Johnson and Chrissy Popadics, this is your life, and a world of athletic-themed reception locales and groomsmen gifts are your oyster. This twosome decided to go traditional however, started out as friends before dating, and recently wedding in a traditional ceremony featuring the lighting of a unity candle and capped with the West African wedding tradition of jumping over a broom to symbolize sweeping away the past and jumping into a new life together. Johnson's Bronco teammates Tad Miller, Bush Hamdan and David Shields were the groomsmen - well, at least finding a NFL logo groomsmen gifts wasn't much of a challenge.

Want to follow this sterling example of a sportsman? You don't have to be the star of the team to accomplish this proposal, but you can easily give it your own twist. Simply celebrate your next big accomplishment with your girl and propose while you're riding high, whether it's from a winning score or a brand new promotion. Tip: make sure to give themed groomsmen gifts to commemorate your triumph-and rub it in to your buddies just a little.

For location, why not take that spirit of celebration along to a special dinner and pop the question over champagne? Make your next big accomplishment a happy married life - it's not a trophy you can display, but we think it's a pretty nice achievement anyway.

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