By now, many men have experienced the minor annoyance of having their Gillette shave gel jacked or their Listerine nicked by unsmiling security forces at the airport gate. But those incidents pale into comparison to the woe of Aaron Tkachuck, whose perfect marriage proposal was foiled when a security guard spotted the diamond solitaire the man had concealed in his sock as he went through the security gate.

The British Columbia man had spent months planning his perfect marriage proposal, a romantic Caribbean cruise where he would pop the question to his high-school sweetheart Jennifer Rubadeau on a moonlit walk on the beach on Valentines Day. Awww.

It's the stuff romantic movies are made of, but Ashton Kutcher must have been hiding somewhere because the poor guy ended up trading moonlight for fluorescent terminal rays and cold concrete for creamy Caribbean sand as he gamely got on one knee and presented the beautiful white gold, diamond, and ruby ring to his bride right there at the gate, to the applause of airport security and other passengers. "I was going for the classic romance, but it turned out more romantic comedy," the good-humored groom commented. All is well that ends well though, as the proposal was accepted and the happy couple is getting married Aug. 3.

Everyone dreams of a perfect proposal, but we like how Tcachuck rolled with the punches and still managed to make his proposal happen. Even though they didn't get lift-off, he still managed to land on his feet. If you're planning a destination proposal of your own, we suggest giving this charming diamond ring paperweight as a TSA-safe decoy, then replacing with the real thing when you reach your proposal spot. Brilliant!