Vanity gifts for groomsmen are a good way to reclaim the groom's rightful place in the wedding. Having read multiple articles on couples' weddings and all of their fancy and unique details one thing stands out the most, why do they only describe the women in detail? We'll do a super brief mock description of a bride: blah blah wedding dress from blah, custom tailoring, lace and pearls, roses, earrings, all jewelry. You guys get the idea though and that's where you and your groomsmen come in. When you dress for your wedding you'll probably have a nice tux or suit, something clean and sharp, but what about your little accessories? Guys don't usually go deep into grooming accessories, but nothing is stopping them. You can help yourself and your groomsmen too. Their gifts can still be personal, but they can also be the stylish little accessories such as personalized cufflinks or, if you really want to win at accessorizing, personalized tie clip. However you go about your wedding though keep in mind that the ladies will love the style. And your friends will thank you for buying these gifts so they have an excuse to wear them.

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