We at GroomStand love talking about cool groomsmen gifts, but we love unique proposal stories too. The newest trends in entertainment thanks to the YouTube boom are outrageous proposals caught on tape and broadcast online. The Wall Street Journal Online recently told a story of a couple who were jogging when the boyfriend "tripped" and twisted his ankle. When his girl came to his aid she turned to see him on his knee with a diamond ring in his hand. The entire emotional moment was caught on tapeand broadcast to many thousands of viewers on their website and on YouTube. So how did weddings go beyond nuptials, a big party and groomsmen gifts? It's very simple, really...in our new world anyone can become a star at any time, and anyone with a digital camera can reach anyone with an internet connection. It simply brings out the inner ham in all of us. I know this all too well. I've never aspired to be an actor, yet whenever I post a video and people (other than my mommy) say, "man you really are funny, you should be in front of the camera." I almost begin to believe them. I said almost 'S I'm still not doing video groomsmen gifts, my stand-up isn't worth that much. Well, let's raise a glass and toast all the goofballs past present and future that we can laugh at online.

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