Interesting story out of the McClatchy - Tribune recently. Apparently there is a way to ensure your wedding gifts don't get stolen and you don't run out of ice. The article talks about the importance of wedding coordinators and how it basically ensures that most weddings only end up with tiny glitches at worst when they've brought in a qualified (check references, people!) wedding coordinator to handle the brunt of the responsibility load, i.e. the boring stuff that doesn't involve planning your bachelor party and buying cool groomsmen gifts. That load, by the way, includes securing the location up to a year in advance, handling all of the check distribution to all the plethora of vendors. How awful to be the groom and have to be in charge of picking up the groomsmen gifts, paying the DJ, the caterer, the flower guy, the cake and the list goes on and on and on. As the Tribune reported - a coordinator, Teresa Hutchinson also makes sure she has in her trusty handbag, a safety pin, scissors, a lighter (for candles), a pocketknife, mints, an extra cell phone and tissues to pass out to weepy guests. Now that woman is on her game! We'd like to add one more responsibility to the coordinator and that is to house the many valuable groomsmen gifts that are going to bring big smiles to the boys' faces. In order to really ensure that Teresa and all good wedding coordinators really have the right item in their purse, they should consider adding this awesome three piece cigar and flask kit. Because you never know who is going to burst into tears, and you never know when you're going to run into a nervous groom who is going to need a last minute drink and smoke!

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