Geeks might be awkward, game-playing, calculator-watch-wearing, gadget snobs, but their unsung heroes when it comes to weddings. Presenting, the World's Best Geeky Wedding Cakes. These creative confections take the cake for being ultra-geeky, humorous, and chic. It's good to be a geek!

7. Pac Man Cake

pac man cake.jpg
This Pac Man Wedding Cake is made entirely out of cupcakes formed into the familiar Pac Man screen. But where's Mrs. PacMan? From Cake Head

6. Get Pixelated

pixel cake.jpg
This geeky bride and groom were inspired by old school graphics. They pixelated everything from their invitations to their groomsmen gifts (journals with a pixel design on the front). This wedding turned out pixel perfect!

5. Death Star Cake

We found this Death Star Cake at Gizmodo. It's an amazing replica of the Death Star and thankfully, it doesn't look like a turd. Still, we wonder how many "Luke, I am your father" and "Princess Leia" jokes the bride and groom endured on their wedding day. We're almost positive this groom gave out light sabers as groomsmen gifts!

4. Gamers' Cake

six sided die.jpg
Every geek has a four-sided die in his or her pocket for those impromptu games of Dungeons and Dragons. They may not be the coolest couple, but this bride and groom rolled the dice their way.

3. Zelda Cake Topper

zelda cake topper.jpg
These Larping Lovebirds pulled off one of the geekiest weddings we've ever seen. And they topped it off with a throw back to the Legend of Zelda! (Photo from Flickr user: Side Show).

2. Puzzling Tetris Cake

One question about this Tetris-themed soiree: Did the bride and groom walk down the aisle to the Tetris song? If it's not stuck in your head by now, you probably never played Tetris! 120 points for this cake of puzzle proportions. (Photo from Geek Sugar).

1. Mario Cake

mario cake2.jpg
Last but certainly not least, the famed Mario Cake. Although we half expect those piranha plants to come alive and snap up the Princess, this geek cake looks almost too good to eat. Almost.