Who says the Swiss were only good at making a uniquely wonderful flavored cheese that smells like feet? Not even normal feet, we're talking bad feet. Put another check mark next to excellent inventions made by the Swiss. Their Swiss Army Money Clip and Knife in vintage red, and yes, this is the vintage Swiss Army red that you've grown accustomed to seeing since you were a little kid, is not only unique and useful, but it would make a heck of a gift for just about any occasion, and it's great for groomsmen gifts. Now while the Swiss Army Knife isn't really great as a weapon, (I once pulled out the blade and was going to practice self defense by stabbing an old mannequin when I was a kid and the blade shut right over my forefinger at first thrust. Ouch!) However, the blade is plenty sharp and useful for a thousand and one things. The mini-scissors are fantastic for cutting just about anything small that you might need at a moments notice. If you realize that you have a cuticle hanging, it's child's play for this little baby. If you're on a hot date and you go to the bathroom to freshen up, you may notice that you are only days away from possessing a unibrow. Again, that growing caterpillar will have little chance against the sophisticated blade construction built by Swiss Army. Let's also not forget about the money clip feature. Nothing screams out, "I'm a cool, modern yet practical tough guy, who doesn't know the meaning of the word androgynous" more that pulling out a wad of hundreds from the money clip of this most unique gift item. Buy these as groomsmen gifts, and get one for your best friend, brother or father, too, and if they don't love it then there is only one logical explanation...they simply have a bolt loose. Fix it with the Swiss Army Knife and drop me a comment here to tell me all about it.