So the cost to mass ratio of your wedding just got a whole lot cheaper for you, at least where your rings are concerned. Lab-grown diamonds are coming into the market with wide-spread approval and finally some acceptance. That would be acceptance by diamond purveyors like De Beers who have contested the diamonds credibility and the GIA grading results of the lab-beauties for years. But all of their snobbery aside, sales have really taken off with people looking for diamonds that are environmentally friendly and socio-politically neutral, basically not from any open-pit mines or consisting of blood diamonds, something the De Beers' monopoly doesn't quite try to be conscious of ($). So try going out and supporting the little guys, though any little guy dealing with diamonds probably isn't that little. As far as getting a lab-grown diamond try and look for diamonds from companies like Gemesis. They aren't the ones selling retail, but there are links to retailers on their site. One thing to be aware out for their homepage music! (You'll see) Here are 5 Reasons to Buy a Gemesis Laboratory-Grown Diamond (from their site of course): 1. It is a Diamond. GIA, IGI, EGL, and other grading laboratories certify a Gemesis laboratory-grown diamond as a diamond, having the same physical, chemical and optical characteristics as a mined diamond. 2. It is Extraordinarily Beautiful. A Gemesis laboratory-grown diamond has the same, even surpasses, the fire, sparkle, brilliance and scintillation of a mined diamond - a rare beauty. 3. It makes a Strong Fashion Statement. Fancy color diamonds represent the fastest growing trend in the diamond jewelry marketplace. Yellow diamonds like those grown by Gemesis are the most sought after - a must have! 4. It Distinguishes the Wearer. A fancy yellow cultured diamond, an American original creation by Gemesis, definitely sets one apart from others and uniquely instills a sense of independence, confidence and pride. 5. It Offers Exceptional Value. What woman doesn't cherish value? A Gemesis laboratory-grown diamond of yellow hues satisfies the most discriminating value conscious customer - not only rare in its availability but also rare in its value!