All of you wedding planners should be happy to hear about this, Country Music Television is planning to air "My Redneck Wedding" early next year. They will be including the wedding of Gail Brittingham, who will marry fiancee John Myers at Bargain Bill's Flea Market in Laurel Saturday. Quite the charming event. The groom and groomsmen will be wearing John Deere t-shirts and jeans, while newspapers will be laid down for table clothes and basset hounds will serve as ring and flower bearers. In an attempt to balance out the redneck-osity of the wedding a mechanical bull was added as a reception feature. Things were looking bleak (if you couldn't tell) when Myers lost his job as a plumber and there wasn't going to be money for their wedding, but luckily the show came through for some publicity and a radio station show later they had received all the donations they needed to cover wedding photos, cake, and entertainment along with a growing list of other necessities. Just goes to show that if you're ever having financial troubles with your big day there's always the media and business to generate some cash flow and gifts.