There's something about golf that just feels classy. Perhaps it's the wide expanse of wasted, but well manicured land. The thrill of driving the ball down the course, judging the wind perfectly and leaving your ball in the middle of the fairway. Or maybe it's the fact that you get to drive a little cart around. I don't know, it just has that feeling and that is one thing that every gentleman should agree on. Your groomsmen gifts should try and keep that in mind. Personalized and useful the most refined bit of the game can be given to them as a beautiful wood case with a brass handle. That's right the Executive Putter Set captures all of that class in golfing and puts it on the go. Be careful when you get them this though, you're gonna have to be getting in your own putt time to keep up with their skills on the green. If your groomsmen and you spend a lot of time on the big courses though they might like a Leather Golf Bag Accessory Caddy to throw on their bags. It's got tees, ball markers, and a stainless steel flask. With both of those together you wont be slicing anything but your scores.