It is a special day, full of family, friends, and other related guests, so here's an idea: don't be white trash. Even if you're not white, having a hostess wedding cake or a crispy cream donut cake makes you trash. They aren't cost-effective alternatives to an expensive wedding cake and they most definitely are not a tasty and convenient dish. If the cake budget is low though there is a way to go about things, purchase a smaller decorative cake for the cutting and pictures and then get flat cakes to serve to the guests. The presentation of the cake obviously affects the price, but a couple of layers, a nice frost job, and some delicate sugar flowers (or whatever spun-sugar creation will fit your wedding) will come in respectfully lower than if you were to take all of that and make a cake large enough for everyone. The flat cakes will come in way way lower and your guests will all get their fill of some delicious wedding cake. Of course if it's still too much money and white trash is the way to go then so be it. The good part about that is if you plan on postponing the wedding indefinitely you won't have to worry, the cake has a shelf life of 600 years. We know your first priority is buying groomsmen gifts, but don't forget to save a little room in the budget for a classy cake.