Honestly now, marriage means that you've grown up at least enough that you're willing to dedicate your life to someone you love. That takes a mature person to really contemplate and consciously make the right decision. What this is boiling down to is that marriage isn't all just fun and games. There is a lot of work and a lot of stress that can make life trying at times and being grown up enough to deal with that and work through it is something very necessary. Now that's not to say that love won't do it, but Halo 3? Apparently this guy proposed on Halo 3. Yea. You can guess what that wedding is going to be like. The groomsmen and bridesmaids will be dressed up as Marines and Covenant Elites. God that's an ugly thought. The only thing the guests will be doing are checking their watches and taking swigs. Really though how else are you supposed to stutter through a ceremony like that. It'll be curious to see what groomsmen gifts the groom gets for them too. They'll all be sure to have Halo 3 already meaning he's going to have to enter the real world and get them a great gift that isn't virtual. Lucky for him there's a place he can do that quick and easy.

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