Submission received on 10/27/07: I have been with my now fiacee for five years. She is obessed with Cinderella and Disney. I knew that it would be had to get to Disney with her in school. We had a planned a trip to Flordia for the month of October but no trip to Disney. She was upset that we were not able to go to Disney but she understood that we had limited time in Florida since she was going to miss some school and we were on vacation on a holiday weekend. What she did not know was that I had her ring for a couple of weeks and everyone knew that I was going to propose to her at Disney. The finally came and I surprised her with a really nice dinner and told her that we had some time and I was able to get really good tickets to Disney. She was so excited and ask me it we were going to the Magic Kingdom to the castle. I told her maybe we will go see the fireworks. We walked around the Magic Kingdom for a while when my friends who were in on the plan said that we should take a photo in front of the castle. My lovely wife to be walked over to the castle and I slowly walked over to her. I told her I loved her very much and she said she loved me but she wanted to take the photo. I then proceeded to tell her that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and got on one knee. She still had no idea what was going on until I pulled out the box and opened it to show a 1.5 carat diamond ring. She started to cry and I asked her to marry me. She said she loved me very much but I told her you didn't give me an answer. She finally said yes and my friends were able to get the proposal on the camera. It was the best night ever. Think you've got what it takes to win the title SMarrying Man of the Month? Submit your story today!