Hint: Give Your Single Buddies his Book as Groomsmen Gifts

Little dude might not be as old as you, but he sure knows how to talk to the ladies. At the tender age of 9 - when most of us could barely muster a hello to girls - Alec Greven wrote a book on how to talk to them. His best advice: "Make "Em Laugh." This $3 pamphlet, published by Harper Collins makes funny, lighthearted groomsmen gifts for your bachelor groomsmen. Give it to them before your wedding and see if the Greven technique works on bridesmaids.

Obviously, since you already bagged a life partner, you probably don't need advice from a grade-schooler. Before you give him the wave of dismissal, remember - you still have to date your wife. As the playground pick-up artist advises in this article by the New York Post "comb your hair and don't wear sweats." Sounds like marital advice to us. Basically, don't let your self go - invest in a good grooming kit.

How cool would it be to be that guy at nine? But he's not dating yet, he believes it's for older people like 15 or 16. Good luck little man!

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