Shopping for groomsmen gifts, especially when you're helping plan a wedding can be more painful than a root canal. Since there's so much discussion about the 2008 election, you can easily shop according to your buddy's favorite politicians. Think about it - Palin is an adventurer and Obama is a democratic debonair. Here's how to shop for wedding party gifts by political party.
Democrats Barack Obama (shop, "the debonair")- He's an eloquent speaker and a suave, socially-conscious gentleman. If your guy likes Barack Obama, he probably embodies some of these characteristics. Fun facts: Barack Obama penned two memoirs. Your Barack-loving groomsmen is a great candidate for personalized pens, a shaving set, and of course, this donkey steak-brand iron. Trust us, if your groomsmen admires Barack, he'll relish these gifts. Joe Biden (shop, "the mogul") - Joe Biden has somehow managed to stay out of the limelight. While Tina Fey does impression after impression of Sarah Palin, we have yet to see any spoofs of Joe Biden. Fun Facts: Joe Biden was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania (yes, it's the setting for the Office). He received his J.D. from Syracuse and practiced law before being elected to the senate. If your buddy has Joe Biden tenancies, take a look at our executive groomsmen gifts. This flask, business card, and money clip set brings out the Biden in anyone. Another suggestion for your mogul friends? Check out our golf gifts for groomsmen. With these golf gifts, your friend is on course for a career in politics.
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Republicans John McCain (shop "the adventurer") - Politics aside, John McCain is the tough guy of the 2008 election. Pocket knives and multitools are the way to go when it comes to the McCain types out there. Fun Facts: John McCain graduated from the Naval Academy in 1958. He has a reputation for being a "maverick," as he often disagrees with his own party. The word maverick comes from Samuel Maverick, a rancher who refused to use steak branding irons on his cattle. This Elephant steak branding iron is perfect for your groomsmen who dares to be different. Sarah Palin (shop the life of the party and the adventurer) - Sarah Palin won't go for girly gifts. She's from Alaska remember? Fun facts: Sarah Palin is Alaska's first female governor. Consider this camo flask if your friend can't get enough of the great outdoors. These rustic picture frames and these personalized cabin signs are ideal for Sarah Palin fans. Now that you know how to shop by political party, get gifts for your wedding party. Groomstand has everything you'll need to say "thanks" to your supporters. You don't even have to kiss any babies! These groomsmen gifts win them over every time.