He bails you out after every skirmish with the law and helps you turn your amazing ice cream taco into a patented business venture. He always invites you to his boxed seats at the baseball game and, like all good moguls, has a never ending supply of fancy imported bottled water. You tease him about being the dad of the groomsmen group but secretly you admire his ambition and his cutthroat negotiation skills. When it comes to groomsmen gift ideas for such a shrewd investor, only the best will earn his buy-in. That's where GroomStand comes in....

Groomsmen Gift Ideas for your Primary Shareholder

    1. corkscrew.jpg
      Personalized Multi-Function Corkscrew. Help him put the "wine" in wining and dining with this multi-function corkscrew! Whether he's dazzling clients over drinks or unwinding after a long day in the office, this smooth satin-finish tool is a mogul's trusty companion! Featuring ingenious features like a foil cutter, a knife and a bottle opener, this is one of our most clever groomsmen gift ideas! A CEO (or aspiring CEO) will always look cool and together when his carries this compact gadget with him. An affordable groomsmen gift with plenty of bells and whistles, we are sure the tycoon groomsman will pat you on the back for a sound investment.
    2. Personalized Document Bag This trusty document bag exudes modern style and masculinity. The perfect travel bag and business companion, this functional case holds all his essential documents and personal affects. For truly meaningful groomsmen gifts, personalize with your guys' initials.
    3. portfolio.jpg
      The Rawlings Portfolio. A great pitch is all in the presentation. That's why we proudly present the Rawlings Portfolio, one of our greatest groomsmen gift ideas ever. With this cool classic-glove portfolio, the Mogul will be the envy of all his colleagues. Perfect for safeguarding company documents and concealing his fantasy roster at the same time. Hey, CEO's can get away with that sort of thing.
    4. watchbox.jpg
      Personalized Leather Five Watch Box. He's the only guy you know who is actually travels regularly to five different time zones, so the five slot watch box helps him make a smooth transition when doing business across the pond. Constantly re-setting his watch just compounds the jet lag-better to slip into a brand new timepiece for each country. The five watch box allows the mogul to show off his vast collection of fancy timepieces, while providing a safe place for these valuables when in a foreign city.

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