Every groom knows he has to get groomsmen gifts, but why? Beside planning the bachelor party (which we all know is easy and fun), what do groomsmen do? Here is a full list of groomsmen duties. Hand your groomsmen this list and if they don't check it off (twice), no groomsmen gifts for them! In all seriousness, good groomsmen are essential to your wedding. Here's a full list of groomsmen duties.

Groomsmen and Best Man Duties:

Gets fitted for tux, usually, a couple months before the wedding. Note: he has to wear whatever you say. Get him engraved cufflinks if you want to "class" it up a little. Helps the groom run those endless wedding errands on the ever-growing checklist. Runs to the store for things like organza ribbon and invitation paper. Helps plan the bachelor party and set up the rehearsal dinner. This can take weeks. If he does a good job, pick him out some special groomsmen gifts. If he does a bad job, retaliate when you're the best man at his wedding. If he's the best man, he'll have to prepare the perfect toast. This is the most nerve-racking groomsmen duty. A drink can help settle his nerves but no more than one! Warms your cold feet. If at anytime you utter the words: "I can't do this," expect some words of encouragement from him. If he doesn't give you any, he doesn't like your fiancee. Greets guests at the ceremony. He has to be gallant and gentlemanly (at least, until the reception). Note: During this time, he shouldn't point out your grandma's bird hat or the annoying flower girl to other guests. Dances with bridesmaids at the reception. He should take this duty in stride, even if he claims he can't dance. At the end of the reception he helps clean up the mess and makes sure there's no one passed out in the bathroom. Picks up the groom's tux. If it doesn't fit the groom, he goes back to the tux shop and yells at the owner. Returns your tux. Remembers to go through the pockets and put the bow-tie back. Takes care of all your wedding emergencies. If you break down, he's changing the tire. Your best man holds the rings and makes absolutely sure that he has them on your wedding day.
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