6 difficult months, 20 excruciating days, and the longest 12 minutes of your life, and finally the GroomStand Wedding Dance Hall of Shame is officially resurrected from the graveyard. When it comes to Thriller, there's no shortage of shameful wedding dance videos. This video is another example why zombie dances and weddings don't mix. If we awarded points for effort, these guys would easily have earned their groomsmen gifts for this performance. You can't knock 'em for trying, right? They even perfected the slumped zombie crawl from the Thriller beginning. But, we don't give out free passes at the Hall of Shame. They get an A for effort and an F- for song choice (yawn) and pitiful performance (gag). Watch the fair-haired guy front and center. He's the unspoken leader in this groomsmen break dance. As his moves fizzle into awkward spasms, his back-up dancers look like newly born fawns. There's no question Michael Jackson's Thriller brings out the best and worst in choreographed wedding dances. Watching yet another group mimic Michael Jackson might send us into convulsions, but we won't see an end to Thriller anytime soon. Is this the groom's way of making the party earn their groomsmen gifts? Or is he just another Thriller zombie? Comment below and let us know what you think of these dance-fevered groomsmen. Do they need groomsmen gifts certificates for dance lessons? Or do you find their impersonations endearing?