Extra Extra - Read all about it! NBC is bringing a reality tv show to the network called, "The Real Wedding Crashers" which was an idea spawned by the hit film starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. The twist of the new show is that there are hidden cameras and the bride and groom are in on the gags - think cakes on the lap, bride answering the cell phone during her vows, groomsmen gifts of live animals and other funny gags. The lure for anything wedding related is magnetic. Perhaps it's the interesting way in which other cultures celebrate the big day, or perhaps it's just the union of two people in pursuit of true love that keeps us reeled in. We love the idea of the show and will tune in to see what the groomsmen will be wearing and see if any of the groomsmen gifts are eye catching. The show is being put on by Ashton Kutcher's production company, so you know it'll be bringing the laughs. Let's all lift our glass and toast to a long, healthy, happy and successful run for "The Real Wedding Crashers."

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