If you live in Turkey you can count on one thing, your wedding will likely not be boring. Instead of focusing on what groomsmen gifts you'll be either giving or getting, depending on whose wedding it is, you might be just lucky to escape with your life. The Asian Times Reports: "It is traditional for men and sometimes young boys to express their exuberance by firing into the air. If the weapon of choice is a shotgun, injuries are limited because pellets come down to earth with relatively little momentum." The article goes on to say that mostly they fire hand guns that have bullets and not pellets, which makes about as much sense as groomsmen gifts of Barbie dolls. Bullets, if you didn't already know, come down about as hard as they go up. And that's really, really hard. They've had multiple deaths and for some kooky reason the government doesn't want to shun tradition and outlaw this extremely dangerous rite of passage. The article continues... "...at another wedding Sezin Akoy was hit by a bullet fired by one of a 17-strong gun crew. She fought for her life but was delivered home in a coffin." 17-strong gun crew...that's a lot of celebrating, and if each of them had 6 bullets, you're talking more than a hundred rounds all speeding back down to the ground. Guess what folks? Someone's bound to get killed!! Let's keep the guns at home and celebrate in the OTHER traditional way, with groomsmen gifts of flasks full of liquor!

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