I weave you a tale that will include the best groomsmen gifts imaginable...and that gift is the gift of incredible loyalty, in the face of desperation with some ingenuity sprinkled in. Now Matt was a handsome fellow. The ladies loved him and he more than loved his share of the ladies. When he met Sarina he had finally met the one. She was the yin to his yang and so forth. At his bachelor party he requested a tame one, just a local strip club dive, nothing fancy and his request to his best man and his groomsmen to earn their groomsmen gifts was a simple, "Don't let me go home with any strippers" request. Well several drinks later Matt with all of his silky smoothness had the hottest girl in the place eating right out of his hand. Best man and groomsmen immediately jump up as Matt's lap dances are turning into something way too frolicky (and against all strip club rules) in the back. "What should we do? He's all over her...and she's all over him!" The concerned groomsmen noted that they were indeed making out and it looked as if her naked dance was becoming a mutual naked dance! The crew was desperate. Out of sheer panic, they grabbed a bottle of Tabasco sauce from the bar. Bloody Mary nothing, this was serious! Before she could scream, the crew jumped into the middle of their sensual dance and literally poured half a bottle of that junk rattling, tongue burning fire potion right onto Matt's exposed unit. The night ended quickly - there was a trip to the emergency room - but man, what great groomsmen these guys were indeed and how well they earned their groomsmen gifts. If only the bride-to-be knew just how much thanks she really owed.

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