Many a best man has dropped the ball on important wedding duties and details that can make or break a wedding. The inclination is that a wedding is a party to be enjoyed, and one can get carried away with all of the hullabaloo that surrounds these fantastic soirees. Let me be clear here, the wedding isn't about you and your groomsmen gifts Mr. Best Man. It's about them, so here are a few things that might help you out and keep you on your game.

1. Make sure the groom gets all of his last night of freedom craziness out at the bachelor party and make sure that bachelor party was at least one week (better to be at least two weeks) before the wedding. NOT THE NIGHT BEFORE! Recommend he passes out his groomsmen gifts here too.

2. Make sure he arrives well in time for all of the day's events, i.e. pictures, greetings, etc. Late arrival = bad start for the marriage.

3. Don't lose the wedding ring! You've got the magic, so keep it safe.

4. Keep a log of everything you need to do in a neat, tidy binder or notepad and have a pen to check everything off your list. If the groomsmen gifts were flasks, make sure no one's imbibing pre-ceremony.

5. Make a heartfelt, wonderful speech and praise his chosen woman. She is part of the family now and will love to be supported and acccepted by his closest chum. This speech makes the money he spent on groomsmen gifts worth it.

The list of your duties goes on and on (don't forget to sign that marriage cert!) but these will get you headed in the right direction. So, keep your nose clean, don't drink too much, remember to shave and have a great night!

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