Often times after the groomsmen gifts have been passed out, the first dance has come and gone and the evening meal is in the process of being served the protocol or lack-thereof of the best man speech can become an issue. Who is supposed to speak? Is it just the best man or the maid of honor? Do the parents speak after that? Is it all 4 parents or just the fathers? Where do the bride and groom draw the line so it doesn't become a night at the improv during the most important night of their lives? The answer to these questions is that there is no hard and fast rule here 'S even bribing friends with excellent groomsmen gifts can't guarantee a great toast. The bride and groom will need to sort out how important it is to them as to whom should speak, and roughly how much of their evening they're willing to give up to hand the stage and the attention over to others. One big recommendation we would make would be, how well do you know your speakers? Are they literate, coherent, likely to be intoxicated? If you answered no, no and yes, than we would strongly recommend a toast writing service. Leave the writing to the professionals. All the speakers need to do is simply fill out a form giving the professionals pertinent information, and then bride and groom are assured of a beautiful, smart and classy speech that likely will not go on and on (unless they improvise), a truly beautiful tribute to make those groomsmen gifts worth it. Good night and Good luck!

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