There are some groomsmen gifts for the home bar that never fall out of fashion, like a good quality engraved flask or a nice set of wine glasses These types of gifts for groomsmen provide a level of practicality, purpose and personalization that keeps them perennial favorites. However, this season, we are seeing some new trends in cool groomsmen gifts that are sure to rock your wedding party. While the tried and true gifts are just fine, these latest finds are sure to make you the honoree of many toasts to your fine taste – even if you are the groom!

Beer Growlers: With the popularity of craft beers, the old-school beer growler is making a hip new comeback. These larger-sized vessels are meant from hauling beer from a brewery to the home for enjoyment later. Also, they come quite in hand to BYOB events like concerts, picnics and tailgating parties where you don’t want to be without your favorite ale, pale, stout or porter. A nice thumb-sized handle makes carrying about simple and screw-on caps mean not a precious drop is lost. Impress your beer-loving buddies by having their single initial etched onto the front of these large beer storage bottles.

Jag Bomb Set: Say what, you’ve never partaken in the Jag Bomb? This clever container for a shooter and a chaser are sometimes referred to as “double bubbles,” “jigger chasers,” “snorkles,” or “quaffers.” Whatever you call the barware, the idea is the same – a liquor floater and chaser are combined into the same vessel and stay separated until consumed. It’s a brilliant idea! One of the popular drink combinations is Jagermeister and Red Bull . . . . we’ve also see guys do Crown Royal and beer, among other concoctions. Your friends will think this groomsmen gift is the “bomb” and we can pretty much guarantee it will get any party started.

Mini-Bars To-Go: While hotel rooms may have popularized the mini bar, our mini-bar to go has made the concept portable. Whether you’re at the bachelor party or camping, forget about drinking out of plastic party cups and 6-pack cookers. This 7-piece set provides the ultimate in mixology assistance including two collapsible cups, a drink stirrer, a 7 ounce flask, a multi-purpose corkscrew, a small funnel and pair of ice tongs. Toss in a few airline-sized bottles of the hard stuff and some soft drinks and you will have sealed your friendship forever with these fun groomsmen gifts.

Beer Flight: The next guys’ night in will really soar to new heights with a beer flight. This unique piece of barware is a one-way ticket to fun times and a great way to sample four different brews without having to commit to drinking a large serving of each. In a way, this is responsible drinking! Each of the four glasses holds 5 ounces of beer – actually, we think that it could be used with wine, mixed drinks and other concoctions.

Have you seen any new and unique barware products lately? If you received any of these fun and functional groomsmen gifts, would you be totally stoked or more “been there done that”? Let us know in the comments below.