Throughout the dawn of man, or at least the last 100 years, a guy’s bachelor party meant it was time to eat, drink and have some rowdy fun. However, the rowdiness is typically associated with the groom and his group of friends. Apparently, that doesn’t always hold true! Recently, a bachelor party outing at a golf course in Florida got out of control, and it wasn’t even the groom and his groomsmen that threw the first proverbial punch. Read on to find out what happened, and on a saner note, find out our suggestions for golfing groomsmen gifts.


According to a report in The Florida-Times Union, a pre-wedding day of golfing for a guy and his buddies turned randomly crazy as another player took out his frustrations on the group. The bachelor party posse was playing at the Beach Municipal Golf Course in Jacksonville, FL when the golfer playing directly behind them got frustrated because he felt they were horsing around, being slow and keeping him from expediently playing his game of golf. Instead of simply asking if he could play through, the 61 year-old man apparently drove his golf cart into the group at full speed.


After hitting the group with the golf cart, the battle continued with words flying and golf clubs being brandished (even by the older female golfers with the aggravator). Members of the wedding party suffered a variety of injuries, none life-threatening, ranging from small cuts to leg bruises. The man was arrested and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Thankfully, the wedding party was able to make it safe and sound to the wedding and the ceremony was not affected in anyway – only a great war story to tell at the reception!


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