Dun, dun, te-dun....Here comes the robot bride! LittleIsland just unveiled the very first customizable wedding robot. It's the Bride of Chucky meets the Bride of Frankenstein, only spookier and she's walking down an aisle near you.

here comes the wedding robot.jpg

This robot can be personalized to look exactly like your bride-to-be. And it responds to voices (shudder) - so if you need another person to spill all your secrets, hog the bathroom, or nag you about those groomsmen gifts, mail away for the robot bride. Don't think because it's in Japanese, your safe. LittleIsland is developing an English database for the bot. Read the full article here.

Kitschy gifts for the groom and groomsmen gifts are all the rage this wedding season. But who can afford a robot? Consider customized bobbleheads if you're looking for unique groomsmen gifts that don't come with the bot's $2,500 price tag.