Grilling meat. You don’t necessarily need to know your way around the kitchen if you can grill. Grilling is an important skill for the newly married man because it shows your wife that you can share in the food preparation chores – in a way that lets you stay outside and drink a beer! Since the Stone Ages, men have been impressing their wives by stoking a fire and throwing on a carcass of meat. Rather than just gnawing the meat right off the bone, present your wife an actual plate of steak along with something green (and we mean a vegetable) next to it. Also, a glass of wine couldn’t hurt! Tools you might night for great grilling include a grilling implement set, a durable grilling apron and a personalized koozie in which to keep your beer cold!


Carving a turkey. This sort of goes along with cooking meat over a fire. A man worth respecting should be able to carve a turkey at the head of the holiday table. It’s a tradition that must be respected. We can’t exactly explain how to carve a turkey with words, it’s one of those interactive learning experiences that must be passed down from one man to another. Ask your dad, watch your dad, imitate your dad. We do know that while a personalized pocket knife is handy to have for so many reasons, it’s not going to get the job done on a plus-sized piece of poultry. does carry a filet knife that will help get you started.


Killing spiders. If you are squeamish when it comes to squashing bugs, flying insects and spiders, you are just going to need to get over it! As a husband, you will be manning up every time a small critter crawls into the house. Find a way to deal with it. From the shoe stomping method to the more human catch-and-release methods, just make sure the offending six or eight-legged interloper is caught and that your bride screaming is stopped.


Fixing Flat Tires. Even if your wife-be-to isn’t a damsel in distress, it is always a good idea to know how to fix a flat tire and take care of any other roadside emergencies – even if it is just calling a tow truck. Whether you DIY on the car care or call in the experts, always take the credit for saving her from impending doom. That being said; keep calm, carry on and always have our personalized leather automobile utility kit in the glove box.


All of these products mentioned also make great groomsmen gifts for the fellows in your wedding party. We’re pretty sure that each also has to step up the man game every now and then to impress a wife, significant other, girlfriend or potential date.