Did you know that James Buchanan, the 15th president of the United States, was a lifelong bachelor. I guess that got him off the hood for finding the perfect best man gifts and groomsmen gifts! All the other presidents were married at some point in their lives, although a number were actually widowers while they were in the White House. I have always though it was interesting to learn more about these love stories and am letting you in on the scoop between the three latest couple’s to rule the free world.

Michelle and Barack Obama: She was working at a law firm as an advisor to a summer associate from Harvard Law; his name was Barack Obama. While Barack discovered he didn’t have a passion for corporate law, he did find that he was falling in love with Michelle. Other associates at the firm could tell that the two were smitten as they would spend long hours in the office in rapt discussion. On their first date in 1989, they both felt that they clicked immediately – although it was three years later until they said their “I do’s.” Of their vows, Michelle has said, “Barack didn’t pledge riches, only a life that would be interesting. On that promise he delivered.” This year the presidential pair celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary.

Hillary and Bill Clinton: The two both attended the same Civil Liberties class at Yale Law School, but they didn’t actually speak until bumping into each other at the library later that year. Apparently Hillary, age 27 at the time, made the first move and struck up a conversation with Bill, then aged 29. Rumor has it that Bill was so flustered that he forgot his name! The two started dating, even going on a European vacation together. But, every time Bill proposed, Hillary turned him down. One day, she admired a house for sale in an off-the-cuff way. Without her knowing, Bill bought the house, asked her to marry again and this time she said “yes.” The wedding was small and informal, only 15 guests and she wore an off-the-rack dress. However, they did have a large reception in the backyard with several hundred of their friends and family. Despite always being in the news about some salacious scandal or another, the ex-President and Secretary of State have been married for 38 years. No word on if Clinton was a cigar aficionado back then.

Laura and George W. Bush: George and Laura met at a back yard barbeque at the home of mutual friends, obviously hit it off, and were engaged 2 1/2 months later. The two were married just weeks after the engagement in a small ceremony in a Midland church where Laura was baptized. The story goes that George took Laura to a miniature golf course on their first date. I think they should get one of our popular groomsmen gifts, a personalized golf putter, as a sentimental reminder of the day. Both Laura and George were 31 when they tied the knot and have been married now for almost 37 years.

So, imagine you were invited to one of these weddings, what would you have brought as a wedding gift? Better yet, if you were serving as an usher or groomsman in the wedding of a man who would one day become president, what would you expect to get as groomsmen gifts? Let us know in the comments below.