As a groom, there are more important things on your mind than what to give your buddies as a groomsmen gift. As grooms, we’re planning color themes, look at venues, and planning a seating arrangement that keeps both sides of the wedding happy - well maybe planning is not the correct word, it's more like just saying yes. However, it's not acceptable to let your closest friends think you don't care about them, after all they've done you a huge honor by being a part of your wedding party. The impersonal gifts many plan to pick up on the way to the ceremony aren't enough to reflect the meaning behind these tokens of appreciation. However, you should not fret. We've done the research for you and found five groomsmen gifts that your buddies won’t call lame.

Silver-Plated Shaving Set with Mach3 Razor

personalized silver plated shaving setThe majority of us men have shaving in our daily or weekly routine, and if you’re not one of them, we envy you! Help your groomsmen feel manly while they shave with an old-fashioned shaving set complete with a badger brush. Give them that old school barber shop shave feel, in the comfort of their homes. Go the extra mile by throwing in some shaving soap. Vintage is in, so give them a hip gift with a silver-plated shaving set.

Personalized MLB Locker Room Sign

personalized mlb locker room signDo you and your buddies enjoy catching baseball games in the summer? If so, you can let them pretend they're on their favorite team with a personalized MLB Locker Room Sign. These prints, which can be ordered in any team, will spruce up their office, apartment or man cave, by allowing them to show off their fan hood. Just make sure that you double check the spelling of your buddy's last name before you get it printed on a sign that'll hang in his man cave for years to come.

Personalized Secret Agent Cufflinks

Who doesn’t pretend to be a secret agent when they’re getting dressed before a wedding? The perfectly ironed shirt, flawlessly tied tie and figure fitting jacket may have you feeling like James Bond. We also know that wearing a tuxedo lends itself to daydreaming, but your groomsmen need something special to finish the secret agent look. Customize secret agent cufflinks with an inside joke or your buddies initial, and see the joy in their faces when slipping them on in place of the ones that came with the rented tux.

Personalized Amber Growler

There's something special about drinking a craft beer out of a personalized growler. Give your groomsmen a talking point when they have company over with a personalized amber growler branded with their name or let them daydream of having their own beer named after them. All of you will love being able to tell drinks apart the next time you get together with your best buddies.

Personalized Mini-Whiskey Barrel

Are your groomsmen the kind of guys who have everything from personalized whiskey glasses to a vast collection of cufflinks? There's a pretty good chance that they don't have a mini-whiskey barrel just lying around. Let your buddies age their own whiskey, wine or even tequila, with their personal whiskey barrel. Just be sure to warn them, that they should give their whiskey a week in the barrel if they want it to draw flavor from the smoked wood barrel. This gift can be paired perfectly with a personalized flask, allowing your friends to take some of their home-aged whiskey with them.

If you're struggling to figure out how to show your appreciation to your groomsmen, don't fall into the trap of buying a lame, boring gift. Pick one of the unique options listed above to show you care without getting too sentimental. The last thing you want to do is spend money on a groomsmen gift that won’t see the light of day because it’s stuffed in your buddies closet or basement.