While it is common practice for wedding goers to buy nice gifts for the bride and groom, the soon to be married couple should also reciprocate the favor. Groomsmen deserve a classy gift that says “thank you” in a respectful and sincere manner.

Something like a small box of chocolates with a picture of the wedding couple on the front won't suffice. Nor will a handful of mints in a tin can with the wedding date on the cover. Groomsmen deserve better than that. Take a look below for 5 classy groomsmen gift ideas that express gratitude in the proper fashion.

Pocket Knives and Multi Tools

Personalized Knife

Now this is something that every man can use. Let your groomsmen summon their inner MacGyver with a utilitarian multi tool or pocket knife. We all had one of these when we were younger and boy, did we enjoy them. This is the sort of gift that will inspire feelings of nostalgia and youthful bliss. It will also come in handy more than almost any other gift that you can think of. Even if your groomsmen live in urban environments, they'll still find a use for a pocket knife. Or, get them a pocket knife/money clip combo unit. If you want to go the extra mile, get an engraved pocket knife with each groomsman's initials or name.

Customized Pens

Personalized Pen Gift

Even though we've gone digital as a society, everyone still uses pens at least a couple times a week. People still write notes, fill out checks, create grocery lists and sign their names. So pick out some high quality personalized pens and cases and make them unique with engravings for each groomsman. Or, pick out stylish journals, portfolios, journals and letter openers if you think your groomsmen would appreciate them a bit more.


Personalized Flask

Every groomsman will enjoy a flask. Most brides and grooms take the idea a bit further and provide their groomsmen with personalized flasks, engraved with their names or their initials. Men love their alcohol, especially after a long wedding process involving rehearsals, tuxedo fittings, a bachelor party and the actual wedding itself. It's a stressful series of events that groomsmen will appreciate much more when they are downing some hard liquor out of a customized flask, unique to them.

Flasks are typically available in stainless steel and leather. If your groomsmen are the outdoors type, opt for leather. If they are urban warriors, go for stainless steel. If you don't want to engrave their initials on the flasks, engrave something like your fraternity's letters, nicknames or a short, meaningful saying. Don't forget to fill those flasks up! That way the boys can start partying right away.

Cigar Humidor

Personalized Cigar Humidor

A personalized cigar humidor is a masculine gift that is sure to please any groomsman. A humidor is essential to maintaining quality cigars as it keeps them fresh for the long haul. Even if some of your groomsmen don't smoke, they can use the humidor as a container for other objects like personal valuables and keepsakes.

Engraved Cufflinks

Personalized Cufflinks

Cufflinks help a dress shirt's cuffs look much more stylish. Cufflinks are especially rewarding when engraved. Although they sound expensive, engraved cufflinks are actually quite affordable. Cufflinks are like the gleaming rims on a luxury sports car. They are the final piece to a man's unique personal aesthetic. Choose between brass, rhodium and silver cufflink finishes for the ultimate classy groomsman gift.