Your groomsmen are going to be with you for the big day, and there’s no better way to thank them than to get them some solid gifts. Not just anything will do, however, get them personalized items that will allow them to takeaway something functional and grand. For instance, you could select one of the many options from the world of golf. That’s right, a little bit of golf can be grand and if your groomsmen are willing to go for a few rounds with you, then you might as well treat them right with a few golf gifts that will sure get them chuckling. The following are just a few ideas that you can go forward with.

Personalized Golf Towel

Whether you’re on the green or you’re on the fairway, you can never have too many towels. A personalized approach here is a grand idea, and one that will show that you care and that you’re an avid golfer. Giving the groomsmen each a personalized towel could not only be used for the links, but for those heated moments when they need something to wipe sweat with.

Personalized Golf Towel

The Personalized Hockey Putter

Not just for “Happy Gilmore” any longer, imagine a hockey stick putter and you’ve got an amazing gift for the best man and the crew alike. Take on 18 rounds of miniature golf with one of these, or just bring it out for one of those long puts so that you can seal the deal on birdie. You’ll find that there is no other functional and hilarious gift than this one.

Personalized Hockey Putter by

The Personalized Hampton Executive Putter

Set One of the premier golf options that you can give your groomsmen is this classy option. Packaged in a nice box set you can give them an executive putter set that they can set up and hit anywhere they may be. Whether in their home office, or in the hotel room, a little putting never hurt anyone, right? The gift case alone is well worth the price, as it gives the day a little extra meaning with personalization and elegance at the helm.

Personalized Hampton Executive Putter Set

Personalized Niblick Golf Club

Getting out of sand traps and rough spots can be made simple with the Niblick golf club. The pitching wedge may have replaced the relic, but if a good utility club never really dies. Get your groomsmen this challenging club and watch them try to get their out of the more frustrating traps on the golf course.

Niblick Golf Club by

NCAA Official Team Putter

What better way to pay tribute to your groomsman's college days than with this amazing official NCAA Team Putter. Each time he's up to putt and sees his collage team emblazoned on the grip, he'll remember how generous you are (but probably still won't let you win)! Available in 17 schools (and we are always adding more)!

NCAA Team Putter