When you think of wedding attire, what comes to mind is her in a white dress and him in a tuxedo in black, gray or white, but that's not what you'll find in all wedding portraits. Some couples decide to take personalizing their wedding day to a whole new level by wearing wacky, non traditional attire. Here's a look at 10 memorable wacky bride and groom ensembles that we found:

1. An Epic Wedding

Han and Leia don't get married during the onscreen action of the movies, but one pair of fans decided to act out the moment at their own wedding. Han the groom and Leia the bride were joined by their wedding party, including the Best Man Chewbacca and the Maid of Honor Luke Skywalker.

2. Camo Chic

Apparently, many brides and grooms decide to wear camo for the big day, but this particular wedding was our favorite. No one can wear a camo gown quite like Honey Boo Boo's mom.

3. Never Never Land Love

Imagine being invited to the wedding of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell! That's the experience that the family and friends of this couple were treated to at their big day.

4. Ogre Nuptials

Cartoon movies seem to inspire plenty of couples' wedding days. This bride and groom dressed as Shrek and Fiona to make their big day a literal fairy tale wedding.

5. Clowning Around

Clowns get married, too, and when they do, they sometimes do it in their clown costumes like this couple did.

6. Furry Fun

Furries are men and women who associate strongly with animals and enjoy dressing up as animal alter egos. Sometimes, they even get married as them, which you can see with these two horses tying the knot before a rabbit preacher.

7. Undead I Do

This bride and groom and their officiant all appear to be extras from the Walking Dead. Both the bride and groom wore white with plenty of blood for that just-returned-from-the-grave zombie event.

8. A Super Affair

The groom at this wedding wore a complete Superman costume when he said "I Do" to his bride. Although she wore a traditional white wedding gown, there were plenty of other superheroes on-hand for the event; the Best Man dressed as Robin, while the Maid of Honor was dolled up as Wonder Woman.

9. Bare Essentials

What do nudists wear when they get married? Practically nothing! For this nudist double wedding, the attire consisted of a bowtie, a cup-less bra, two veils and some jewelry.

10. Disney Fantasy

Some may find this couple's idea more sweet than wacky. For this wedding, the bride and groom dressed as Ariel and Prince Eric from "The Little Mermaid" with the bridal party all dressed as various princesses and princes from the animated films.

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