On your wedding day, you'll be surrounded by friends and family members, and the most special men in your life will be standing shoulder to shoulder with you when you exchange your vows. The men that you ask to be your groomsmen are among the most important guys you know, and many will have traveled great distances to be with you for the big event. The gifts that you choose to give them are a way to show your appreciation, and you want to make sure that you give them something memorable to symbolize your gratitude in a meaningful way.

So just what is the best groomsmen gift ever? There really is no single answer to this question. The best gift for your groomsmen will depend on their interests and tastes, but this list of 10 personalized wedding gifts for groomsmen is sure to contain something that will appeal to your friends and family members.

1. Techno Money Clip with USB Flash Drive

Personalized money clips for groomsmen are a traditional choice of gift with timeless appeal, and the Techno Money Clip has all of the class and taste of a classic money clip but with a cool modern twist. Finished with sleek silver plating, the money clip has a 2-gigabyte flash drive built into its design, making it the perfect choice for men who frequently travel and may need access to important files when on the go. The clip can be customized with two initials to make it a one-of-a-kind design.

Techno Money Clip with USB Flash Drive | GroomStand

2. Personalized 16oz. Bullet Growlettes

Among the many possible personalized groomsmen gifts, growler bottles stand out because they are the type of item that most men would not purchase for themselves but can be a great addition to any beer drinker's barware collection. This pair of 16-ounce growlettes is an excellent option among growler designs as it features amber-colored glass to protect beer from light exposure and has a stylish vintage design engraved with a single initial of your choosing.

Personalized 16oz. Bullet Growlettes | GroomStand

3. Personalized Rubber Grip 13-Function Army Knife

It's no secret that guys love tools, and that's what makes this unique 13-function army knife a great choice for a personalized groomsman's gift. Constructed out of stainless steel, the tool includes numerous gadgets, including a bottle opener, a corkscrew, scissors, a nail file and, of course, a knife. The non-slip handle makes the knife easy to grip, and the tool can be customized with up to two, 12-character lines of text.

Personalized Rubber Grip 13-Function Army Knife | GroomStand

4.Haydon Engraved Chrome Shaving Set

Men's shaving kit groomsmen gifts are popular choices for weddings because nearly all men can use them on a regular basis. Among the many options on the market, this handsome chrome-plated set is an ideal choice because it includes a high quality shaving stand, a luxury razor, a genuine badger hair brush and a gleaming soap bowl. In other words, this gift provides all of the essentials that a gentleman needs to get a picture perfect shave with every lather.

Haydon Engraved Chrome Shaving Set

5. Personalized Wooden Craft Beer Holder with Bottle Opener

This unique bottle holder is an ideal choice of groomsman gift for men who frequently tailgate, camp or attend parties with friends and family. The stylish hardwood beer caddy holds a total of six bottles of beer or soda and has a can opener conveniently mounted on its side above a gold-toned initial. Durable craftsmanship ensures that your groomsmen will get years of use from the caddy, and this unique gift sells for under $50.

Personalized Wooden Craft Beer Holder with Bottle Opener | GroomStand

6. Personalized MLB Locker Room Sign

Baseball groomsmen gifts are another favorite choice for couples. After all, baseball is America's past time, and men of all ages love to check out the action of MLB games. This print actually makes your groomsmen members of their favorite teams! The clever design shows jerseys of famous players hanging in the locker room, and one of them will be customized with the last name that you specify. Jerseys for many MLB teams are available, so you can get each groomsman the print that features his favorite club.

Personalized MLB Locker Room Sign | GroomStand

7. Branded Hanging Board

If you're looking for cheap personalized groomsmen gifts under $20, this gift is a very unique choice. The hanging board can be used by any man who loves to grill and likes to finish his steaks and burgers with a branded insignia. Outfitted with a rope hanger, the board can be hung adjacent to the grill to display the branding iron, and you can even have each groomsman's initials branded onto the wood. The board can also function as a hanger for a grill master's fork, making it very versatile.

Branded Hanging Board | GroomStand

8. Personalized 5pc. Decanter Set

Personalized whiskey glasses for groomsmen can help gentlemen enjoy a more flavorful sip whenever they open a bottle of their favorite spirit. With this set, your groomsmen will not only get four, 10.5-ounce premium whiskey glasses, but they'll also receive a beautiful 34-ounce hand-blown glass decanter engraved with their initial for keeping their whiskey safely stored until it's time to pour a glass.

Personalized 5pc. Decanter Set | GroomStand

9. Personalized Luggage Scale

Selling for under $50, this gadget is perfect for the frequent traveler. With the scale, your groomsmen can find out exactly how much their suitcase weighs before they leave the house, so that they can pack lighter and avoid paying those expensive baggage fees. The scale has an easy-to-read LCD display and stainless steel hook, which will be engraved with an initial that you specify. This gift is a unique choice because it is practical, yet something that most men are not likely to already own.

Personalized Luggage Scale | GroomStand

10. Personalized Hampton Executive Putter Set

Groomsmen who love to golf will be wild about this handsome gift set that comes in a hardwood case accented with brass hardware and an engraved nameplate, as they can use it to work on their putt at home, at the office or anywhere else the mood strikes them. The case opens to reveal 2 balls, a practice cup and a hardwood putter that can be quickly assembled and dissembled.

Personalized Hampton Executive Putter Set | GroomStand