2018 Fashion Trends for the Groom, Best man and Groomsmen

Just like with any other sort of fashion niche, the styles of groom, best man and groomsmen trends change from year to year and even from season to season. You want to look your best on your wedding day and have everyone in your party looking great, too, so staying trendy while still looking the part for your wedding is something you should be considering. With 2018 weddings taking place, you can start looking for the trends of today to incorporate into your ceremony and get started on planning the attire as soon as possible.

Royal Blue

One of the most timeless ways to dress for a wedding is in the color blue. You can't go wrong with that shade, and while normally it is the navy blue hues that take over wedding attire, this year, royal blue is all the rage. Royal blue is elegant and classic and can definitely add handsome, traditional flair to your look. This color also gives you an excellent chance for accessorizing, such as with brown leather accessories like watches and shoes. You can also add more color to the look by brightening up your appearance with pastel pinks or burgundy.

Royal blue suit for men

Burgundy: The Trendy Color of 2018

Speaking of burgundy, if you want something that is going to stand out on your big day, go for that color. It is everywhere in the fashion world today and will certainly provide you with a memorable look for those who are looking to make a statement. This warm color helps grooms stray away from blue, black and gray suits and helps them look more stylish. The groom or the groomsmen can don this suit color with just as much class; furthermore, this color looks even better when it is worn in autumnal or winter weddings. Just be sure you aren't clashing with the bridesmaids or maid of honor when choosing this bold selection.

Black Ties

If you are hoping to stray away from the bold and want something subtler, you can always go with a black tie or bowtie. Black ties encourage everyone else to dress to the nines, too, to create a more formal appearance. It is sophisticated and sleek, and truly you cannot go wrong with this classic hue.

Can't Go Wrong with Gray

Gray is like blue: it never really goes out of style, and it has many different variations that let you play around with dark and light shades alike. It goes well with so many other hues that clashing is not really something you're going to have to worry about. Usually, a chic charcoal gray is the best bet, but if there are a lot of pinks you need to work with, getting down on a light gray suit can do wonders for your look.

Light Jackets

If you are hoping to go for more of a relaxed feel for your wedding and don't want the black tie deal, consider wearing light jackets instead. The shades are usually ideal for complementing any romantic and soft colors happening in your wedding, and these tones look exceptionally beautiful during the summer. If you want to incorporate these into your fall wedding, you can also pair the jackets with a bit of burgundy to tie everything together.

Groomsmen in Checked Suits

Checked Suits

One of the fun ways you can change your typical wedding look is by adding in checked suits. It adds a unique vibe to the ceremony because it is so casual and cute. It is also great for those having a rustic wedding. The best part of this pattern is you can play with the thickness of the patterns and the material of the suit. You can get a warm tweed checked suit for the colder months or a light checked linen when it’s warm outside.

Classic Suspenders for Men

Suspenders used to be worn with only one real goal in mind: to support the trousers of their wearers. But from that necessity came a fashion trend all its own, one that has persisted even to this day. Suspenders help to flesh out your formal attire even when you are not wearing a suit jacket. They add symmetry and style, and if used correctly, they add the right bit of color to it as well. Suspenders come in a variety of thicknesses and hues for you to choose from, and when you pair them with a bow tie, you will be well on your way to a wedding look that will be remembered forever. Choosing leather suspenders over fabric ones will offer you yet another layer of dapper style.

Suspenders for men

Mismatched Groomsmen

One of the hottest groomsmen trends for 2018--but also one of the hardest to pull off – is the mismatched groomsmen look. This look is an excellent way for you to give your groomsmen leave to express their personalities in the same way that bridesmaids get to. The trick lies in narrowing down the colors that they can choose from. For instance, if you want them to wear blue, remember that not all blues are equal; an electric blue mixed with a powder blue will not look great in photos. Instead, you can choose the colors and then tie them all together by making sure they are all wearing the same style of belt and the same kind of shoes.

You don't have to limit yourself to solid hues, either. You can get prints as long as you mix both small and large prints that have the same colors. If the prints are all the same size, it will clash poorly. Black or white ties should not be used in this trend.

Unique Patterns

Speaking of prints, it is worth considering dressing the groom and groomsmen in patterns. For instance, a houndstooth suit and floral tie can really add an extra bit of charm and character. This also helps the grooms show off who they are and bring a bit of their personalities to the table on your big day. In 2018, the trend has been to go with bold, fun patterns to become more eye catching.

Play with Texture

Like patterns, textures can also add a much needed upgrade to your look. Corduroy, velvet and other unique textures give neckties, suits and more a total revamped upgrade. These fabrics help to enhance the appearance of the attire of the groomsmen or groom and keep it looking fresh, no matter what sort of wedding it may be. Velvet, for instance, is a moody fabric that can give you the dapper look you hope for. It is also good for mixing with jewel-toned hues to offset their dazzle.

Try Tweed

Tweed gives creative groomsmen and grooms alike the chance to explore their different personalities. It is especially good for wearing to country style or rustic weddings, adding a texture that seems to blend pleasantly into its surroundings.

Smart Casual for Your More Laid Back Groomsmen

Not every single wedding has to go toe to toe with the highly formal ones that are seen in royal settings. Simply put, not every couple has a desire for such flashiness and decorum; some people just want a fun, yet classy look to tie the knot in, and that's okay. If the groom or groomsmen tend to be more relaxed in the real world, don't stuff them into a formal setting. You want everyone to feel relaxed and dapper, and one of the best ways to do this is by dabbling in the smart, casual style. Grooms or groomsmen can look every bit as handsome and eye catching in smart casual attire as he can in a formal suit. This is especially good for those who are having outdoor weddings. You can dress this up by wearing jeans with a casual jacket. Or, during the cooler months of autumn and spring, you can choose knit sweaters and vests.

Plenty of Color

Color is important, no matter what style of wedding you are going for. You want to coordinate with ease with the wedding colors, and not only this, but color is another great way to showcase the different styles and personalities that the wedding party has. Grooms are often wearing bright pops of color by wearing things like pocket squares, brighter socks, ties, braces and more. Groomsmen can do the same thing, wearing bolder and braver things like colored suits in purples, deep blues, emeralds and other jewel tones. Pastels are fair game, too, no longer only reserved for the female party or fancy dress. Instead, they add a certain romantic softness that pairs well with the theme of love of the occasion.

2018 groomsmen fashionImage courtesy of The Dessy Group

Order Online

It used to be where grooms would go into a tailor or suit retailer and find a suit from what was on the racks, but online, you have infinitely more opportunity to find the right suit needed. Sites like Dessy make it easy to order or rent your suit by browsing what they already have or helping to customize your dream tux in a way that brick and mortar stores simply cannot.

Dress it Up to Look Like You

No matter what, at the end of the day, you can follow all of the trends of 2018, but if you don't feel comfortable, handsome, and like yourself, you won't feel your best, no matter how nice you might look. One of the best ways to add personality to your attire is to accessorize. You can add in things such as a velvet bow tie, special cufflinks, your favorite color socks and so much more. You can also balance your bolder and trendier suits with more classic, traditional accessories that complement the colors easily when they are in neutral tones.

Trends come and go, and when you get married in 2018, you can be sure that you are going to look the part in whatever you choose to wear by taking note of some of the styles in this article. Take inspiration to turn your wedding pictures into something that you and your groomsmen are going to feel good about when you look back at them, and ensure that you will look dapper and handsome standing at the alter with all of the most important people in your life surrounding you as well.