Top 5 Bachelor Party Ideas 2015Not all bachelor parties have to be racy, raunchy events! In fact, the traditional drunken carousing that comes to mind when someone says "bachelor party" is actually becoming less and less common with men today.More groomsmen and best men are treating the grooms-to-be to other types of activities, and five of the best bachelor party ideas to inspire your get-together in honor of the groom:

  1. Hit the Trail. If the groom loves the great outdoors, take the bachelor party out on the open trail. Organize a hiking or fishing trip with a night of camping together afterward. You can tent camp, rent a camper or RV or reserve a cabin for your overnight accommodations and spend the evening sipping beers and swapping stories about the groom. Check out our adventure personalized groomsmen gifts!

  1. Have a Full House. Deal out some fun for the groom with a poker-themed bachelor party! Great for a small, intimate get-together, a poker party can be held at someone's house or in a private room at your favorite bar or restaurant. You don't have to play for money, or if you do, you could give the winnings to the groom at the end of the evening to help finance all those wedding expenses.

  1. Sip a Little Something. If the groom loves craft beer, fine wine or high-end whiskey, scotch or cognac, make the bachelor party a tasting celebration. Find a local brewery, winery or specialty bar to serve as your venue and spend the evening sampling and sipping.

  1. Go on the Hunt. A bachelor party scavenger hunt can be incredibly memorable! With these bachelor parties, you divide the attendees into teams and everyone tries to find items from a preset list. Personalize it by making the items or destinations relate to the groom. For example, the players could have to get a napkin from his favorite bar, grab a souvenir from the place he met the bride, pluck a leaf from the shrub outside his parents' house and more.

  1. Be a Spectator. For grooms that are super fans of a local team, there's no better bachelor party than a private event in a box at a game. You'll be able to watch the action, drink ice cold beers and enjoy a catered meal while you spend time together. Best of all, the groom might just get to cheer on his favorite team to victory. Even if they lose, he'll still be a big winner when the night is through, and as the official party planner, you'll be the MVP.

Ultimately, the best bachelor party is going to be something that the groom will enjoy. Think about his tastes and what he would consider a good time, and you're sure to plan the perfect bachelor party but also check out our top 5 groomsmen gifts of 2015! If you need favors or a gift for him to suit the occasion, you're sure to find it here at Groomstand.