Bow tie, neck tie or neither? This has become a common question with men deciding on their wedding day attire; which to choose, which to choose? Some men might say “neither,” and point to the fact that both are still like a noose around the neck. We say poppycock to those peeps, that’s a sad commentary on getting married

As far as tradition and dress code etiquette are concerned, bow ties are to be worn to formal events or when a tuxedo is called into action and neckties are to be worn at more casual affairs usually with suits. Today, just like with certain bridal traditions, this “dress code” is being left on the curb as the importance individuality takes over! More men are choosing to call attention to their personalities and style preferences on their big day!

A man who wears a bow tie is prestigious, elegant and exudes class! Not to mention, he’s viewed as unique, intelligent and indifferent to other people’s opinions. There have been many men throughout history who have used the bow tie as their signature piece, Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra, Fred Astaire, Steve Jobs and Pee-Wee Herman, just to name just a few. I’ve heard many women say that they love the old school bow tie look, especially when the bowtie is left undone and hanging around the neck, a la Cary Grant.

A bow tie is a great fashion choice if you will be wearing a tux at your wedding, but even if you are wearing a less dressy business suit or sports jacket, a bow tie can still make a sophisticated, smart statement. A humorous way to look at the bow tie is that it is the topper on your wrapping (the suit or tuxedo) – underneath awaits an awesome groom! If you plan on wearing a bow tie, check out our absolutely fitting pair of bow tie cufflinks – these would also make a clever choice in groomsmen gifts.

Now, onto the neckties. Neckties have been around forever in some form or fashion. In ancient times, a slip of fabric or scarf worn around the neck identified the wearer as belonging to a certain group -- you could call this the early way to declare your title or wealth (today it might be the car we drive or the watch we wear). Some ties were also just a straightforward necessity used to sop up sweat. Modern neckties date back to King Lousi XIV of France who popularize the “cravat” after spotting a similar look on Croatian soldiers from the 1600s.

Today a necktie can convey a variety of messages, depending on the scenario and your intent. Wearing a necktie in a professional setting shows that you are in charge and are a leader – especially if your tie is a power color such as red. Wearing a tie can also signify respect, such as in church or at a memorial event. However, in a more formal setting, wearing a traditional neck tie shoes you aren’t necessarily tied to the rules of proper dress, but are still sophisticated in a laid-back way.

If you are planning to wear a necktie with your tuxedo or suit, there are literally thousands and thousands of choice in color and pattern. Pick a tie that suits your personality, whether that is bright purple with yellow polka-dots or a subtle herringbone plaid. Accessories can be worn with your neck tie including a personalized tie clip, a tie tack or even matching cufflinks. Tie clips, cufflinks and other men’s accessories make great groomsmen gifts, especially if they are personalized. Adding a personalization to the groomsman gift shows that you have put extra thought and consideration into the recipient’s give, thus helping to seal its fate as an instant heirloom.

So, what type of tie are you wearing with your wedding day attire? What does your tie say about YOUR personality? Please share in the comments below.