It’s a guy’s dream come true, we’re talking about 99 bottles of beer on the wall. Just as the familiar pub song suggests, just “take one down, pass it around, 98 bottles of beer on the wall.” We can’t argue that it might be fun to drink your way through 99 bottles of beer along with your groomsmen, but when you all have drained every last drop – it’s gone for good! Why not make the magic last with a bottle of beer on the wall that lasts forever. has a impressive array of tavern signs, pub signs, bar signs – or whatever you call these tributes to beer. Any of your brew-loving buddies will love to hang a beer on his wall, it’s a way to mark his territory in a man cave, game room or little corner of the den. Here are six of our favorite personalized beer signs that make refreshing gifts for groomsmen, your best man, or any other beer-lover in your life.

Beer Pong Champion Personalized Sign: This sign is perfect for groomsmen gifts; it will remind your friends from college days about all the hours you spent practicing drinking games – back then it was a serious sport! Crafted to look like an old-fashioned chalkboard, this pub sign features a graphic of those familiar red party cups and a ping pong ball ready to make a winning landing. Of course, these personalized signs may be custom-printed with the “establishment year” and beer pong moniker.

Personalized Good Times Tavern Sign: Crafted with a rounded top and graphic of inviting tankard overflowing with beer, these tasteful, beer-inspired groomsmen gifts shows you know the universal symbol of man-style hospitality – a tall mug of frothy brew! Ready to be personalized with the recipient’s name.

Personalized “We Cheer Beer” Tavern Sign: For some reason this rounded top, two old-school style tavern sign reminds me of the television show “Cheers.” Probably because the two mugs being clanked together by friends conjures up an image of a friendly spot where “everybody knows your name.” With his name personalized on the groomsmen gift, your buddy will know he's in charge of all the "advice and enlightenment."

Vintage Man Cave Sign: This personalized pub sign advertises cold beer, good times and no drama permitted! Sounds like a paradise for any guy in your wedding, from groomsmen and the best man to the father of the bride. These gifts for groomsmen serve as a symbol of your thanks and are perfect when displayed outside a guy's personal space for rest and relaxation. The text announces all who dare enter must abide by the law of the cave -- sports, solitude, cigars, cold beer and, of course, no drama!

Personalized Mug Tavern Sign: Our Personalized Mug Tavern Sign is an awesome choice gifts for groomsmen who hold beer near and dear to their hearts. So suggestive, just one look and your buddies will suddenly have a thirst for an icy cold mug of beer! These personalized pub signs with a retro chalkboard style, make thoughtful groomsmen gifts that will be displayed and enjoyed in your honor.

Personalized Social Club Sign: You can’t miss the inviting beer graphic on the front of this rounded-top pub sign. Hang this up wherever you please and announce that this is the new location “Where the Neighborhood’s Finest Hangout.” These groomsmen gifts may be personalized with the recipient’s name and jokes about serving cold beer – did you bring any! A fun gift for the extroverted connoisseur of beer.